Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let the good times roll!

About two weeks ago was Christian's 19Th birthday and I really wanted to do something special for him! Well considering he's 19 years old and has never been on a plane I REALLY and literally wanted to go 'above and beyond' and see if there was anyway i could surprise him and take him on a plane. I checked online and lucky enough the prices to California were extremely low! I Begged my mom and dad then booked them ASAP. This was my plan: I had one of his close friends pack a backpack of his necessities and hide it in his house. His mom then picked me up so we could pick up Chris and drive to the airport. I had told Chris to get work off and that i had something planned for the day. Nothing too big, just something fun. I knocked on the door and made him immediately put on the blindfold. I didn't want him knowing his mom was driving us or he'd know something was up. I grabbed the bag and put it in the car then made christian sit patiently in the front seat with rules of, no peeking and no touching! We finally got to the airport and i ripped his blindfold off, he was so surprised and so excited. I told him we were flying to California for the day to relax on the beach! A perfect get away after his accident, where he spent 4 days in ICU. My wonderful sister Rachel picked us up and dropped us off at Laguna where food and shops were walking distance. It was a perfect hot sunny day, and it was so fun just hanging out the whole day with no worries. We both refused to put sun block on and got FRIED. No exaggeration. we came home as lobsters. Besides almost missing our flight home by getting there 20 min before it took off....everything was perfect!
Thanks to everyone that helped!

I've been dating Christian Cade Larson for 1 year today. Crazy I know! Especially since I've never dated a guy for more than a couple months. But Christian (chinch) is my best friend and I've never liked someone so much! Not once have I ever gotten sick of him, or found a reason to just be mad at him. He is so caring, and selfless. He constantly is worrying about getting me home on time, making me laugh, keeping me safe, and just being there for me. He's a hard worker with almost 40 hour weeks at Longbow golf course, He's EXREMELY goofy which I LOVE. He's been through so much and has the biggest heart. I'm so darn lucky to have him as my adorable boyfriend! My family adores Chris and he's so good with my nephews always bringing over his giant snakes to keep them entertained. Were all going to miss him! Sad, but so exciting....he gets his mission call this Thursday! I don't know what I'm going to do with out him for two years. But i know he is going to be such an amazing missionary! I'm so excited to see where he goes. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING CHINCHY & HAPPY 1 YEAR! Love ya chubs.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Watch out...HERE I COME!

I already spend enough time on the computer as it is, so why not spend even more time updating a blog about my adventurous life as a teenager in high school. So here is goes, we'll see how well I do with this. I'm hoping it can be more of an online journal for me. Alright so I'll let the secret out...I've been spending a lot of time with Robert Pattinson or many of you may know him as (Edward Cullen). We've been shooting the upcoming sequel to twilight called 'New Moon' It's been very exciting. They've casted me as the new Bella!!

Haha I wish this were true. My friend Meghan from Evit edited this picture for me as a joke and i randomly found it on my computer. I had to share it with you, I laugh every time!