Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Hope you have such a good day. Full of '60' fun things to do! Your the best daddy in the whole world :)

(funny that in both of my dance pictures he's in a suit and tie. Such a religious man!)

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I dont get to see you enough big guy! Hope you get lots of "coo" cars for your big day! love you My My

Friday, May 1, 2009

Student Council 09'

Student council at Mountain View has definitely been an experience. To prepare me for student council this year I attended a camp in the summer that stuco members from all of Arizona attended. When I first got there, I will admit that I was taken back by all the EXTREMELY enthusiastic people that were just oh so spirited!! And the ANNOYING songs we had to sing all day. We were separated from our original school council and put into new councils with people we did not know & formed our own camp council. We were to come up with a school logo, chant, and we even had to sing songs the loudest in order to eat dinner first! It was horrible. But as camp went on, I became involved, Spirited, and became So close with my council. Making friends with so many amazing people that I thought I would have nothing in common with. really, and surprisingly just having a great time!

We did so many get to KNOW you activities. Some got really personal, like an activity called 'Eye to eye.' It sounds a little weird, but everyone at camp stood in a line and in silence, each person stared at each others eyes for 3 seconds. It was supposed to be as if you could see their soul, and what they were like underneath it all. I will admit I found myself breaking down into tears when I saw how unhappy some of the kids at camp were. It was for sure an eye opener. We also played a game called 'inside out.' Each student had a pillow case and they would talk about themselves & how they came across, or how other people saw them. They would then turn the pillow case inside out and tell the council how they really felt inside, and how things were at home. Listening to the stories of how sad the kids were, how lost, or how bad things were at home, made me feel so bad. I felt so blessed to have such an amazing family, and how happy I am. Don't worry, we also had fun activities and Leadership building activities. We had inspirational speakers, and one speaker even got me to break through a 3 inch wide piece of wood with nothing but the karate chop of my hand! NO JOKE. And even crazier, Some girls bent a 14 inch steel bar with the center of their throats. All they had to do was trust each other and themselves then move towards each other with all their might. It was CRAZY to watch the steel bend straight in half with no ambulance needed! But, DONT TRY THIS AT HOME. inspirational speaker definitely needed! All in all, camp was such an amazing experience and I'm so glad i had the opportunity to go.

This year in student council I've made so many new friends and had the chance of becoming more involved with the school. I'm only there for 3 periods of the day so its nice to feel like I still actually attend mountain view. I will admit that It has gotten hard for me to go as the end of the year comes, and I find myself not wanting to be so involved, and feeling a sense of 'junioritis' (sick of high school already). But I've chose to stick it through, and finish out the year! we just recently had an end of the year banquet, and I'm going to miss everyone. Especially the seniors going off to college. I've really enjoyed student council as a whole, and I'm so glad i did it.

Called to serve him.....

InPennsylvania Philadelphia! Far east, but still safe in the states. I know selfish, that I'm glad he's not too far in a scary country. But after his accident, it's nice knowing there will be good hospitals close. The exciting part is that it's SPANISH SPEAKING! I wanted him to learn Spanish so bad! Maybe because all my brother in laws speak spanish, and my brother roman too ;) It will get extremely cold, almost below 0. He said he's excited to wear big trench coats haha. The sad part is that when he gets really cold, he breaks out in a bad rash of hives all over...Big bumps that itch really bad. He'll just have to have a lot of faith that they wont be too bad in the winter! I'm so proud of him, and he is so excited to serve the lord. He was glowing last night, and had such a strong spirit about him. He reports July 15Th!! Crazy how fast time is going to fly. Bring on the Philly cheese steak sandwiches and 'Rocky' steps! He wants to watch all of the Rocky movies and Invincible to get him pumped. This is going to be such a perfect mission for him, I'm just so dang excited for him!

We were both a little emotional...at least I was.

Chris' friends and family at El Charro. He actually read the wrong section for 5 minuets and as were all waiting with anticipation, we finally realised he wasnt reading the right part!

Some of Christian's friends, Matt Dawson and Austin Patience.

One of Chris' adorable Nieces Annie!