Monday, September 27, 2010

Mamma Lane

Brekyn's mom surprised her this week end and decided to spoil me as well. I couldn't thank her enough for everything she has done for me and our cute little apartment. She is so fun, and this week end was a BLAST! We went to dinner every night and we also went to park city for the day to do the alpine slide. I hadn't been there in years, it was so fun to go back! Lori got me and Brek to sign up to do a 15 day cleanse. She took us to Costo and whole foods and filled our whole fridge with nothing but veggies and anything green. No sugar for 15 days...meaning NO DIET COKE! Guys this is huge for me. I'm so excited to do this, today was our first day and I feel great. I'm drinking a gallon of water a day..CRAZY! (for me). Brek and I also have our 15 days planned our with work out schedule including the fabulous p90x. I haven't felt so in shape in so long I'm loving these Lane habits i'm picking up. Thursday night I went on a fun group date with my friend Scott, first one since living in Provo and it was not a disappointment. Apparently I have good luck and bowling was a hit for me! Drum roll..... WE HIKED THE Y! Its official were provo residents now that we have hiked the Y. Well I cant walk...Brekyn and I decided to run down the whole way! NO STOPPING and in squatting position....ya I've been feeling that for 4 days now. Were going to hike it every sat until its too cold, gotta take advantage!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I hope you guys get spoiled the heck out of on your special day. Shay I'm so lucky to have such an awesome sister in la, thanks for being so perfect for the fam, doesn't hurt that you love to shop :) Rachi roo, oh how i love you. Wish i could surprise you with a big route 44 diet coke! go buy one for the both of us. Have such a good birthday sisters. LOVE YOU BOTH!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"There is eye candy every where I turn...I have a kink in my neck!"

Another great week in Provo, even with a sick day. My two roommates and I had the 24 hour bug so we spent all day in me and Brek's King size bed (we pushed our beds together, thus we call it the king). That was Tuesday, by Wednesday we were still lagging so we didn't do anything too exciting the rest of the week. The week end on the other hand, was great! Friday night was my first real 'night on the town'. We went to a little black and white party in Arlington and It was so fun being surrounded by a bunch of people I don't know. Hence, I met so many new people, which I love. Saturday was also great because we took a trip down to Salt Lake to hit up Gateway and Happy Sumo (OBSESSED). The best sushi, and being on the V.I.P list is a plus, great deals. I'm waiting for something negative in Provo....I'm yet to find anything. This is too good to be true! Miss you fam, Rachie I miss our sonic runs. Natalie I miss sitting in your back yard having our deep conversations about life in 3rd world countries eating ice and veggie fries! LOVE YOU ALL.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thankful for this amazing experience

week 1 of living in Provo has officially been completed. I just want to first start by thanking my parents for this amazing experience. First, by being examples and parents that have helped me get to the point where i am able to live on my own. It has already been an eye opener of how many responsibilities you have to take on when deciding to be on your own. Just going grocery shopping on my own was different. But how much i do love taking on these little responsibilities. Let me now tell you how much i enjoy living here. My apartment complex, "king Henry" is amazing. We are our own little family, and every day you see friends you've made walking around our area. Our ward is awesome, and ward prayer every Sunday is such a great way to get to know everyone in our complex. My roommates are IDEAL. we are all the same, and never get sick of each other. Our days consist of working out, and cooking dinner together basically every day. The George foreman has become my closest friend, and i am the designated chicken griller. (thanks to my momma I've been taught how to marinate just right). There are so many great people here that i meet every day, and i feel like this has been the best decision of my life! i started hair school Tuesday and it has been great. So nice, and professional and so many fun girls. Basically week 1 of Provo has been a dream. I know there will be many stressful days, and homesick days ahead of me. But as of now i say BRING IT! :) Thanks for all you do for me mom and dad, miss you every day!!

Friday- my roommates and I went on a nice run, (we are training for a half marathon) made dinner, then hung out with some friends in our ward.

Saturday- Brekyn and I went to the gym, did some laundry, hung out by the pool with my cousin chad and his friend Larry, then went shopping for black school clothes. After we met up with my other two roommates and went out to eat at this AMAZING pizza shop called Slab, then hung out with (my roommate) kalie's, cousin and then ended the night off at my cousin Chads house.

GREAT Week end!