Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: Rachel, WIllie, and Shaley!!

Rachel- I hope you feel better on your special day! I'm reserving a sister day for you and I. 'Last chance' and Nordstroms Cafe here we come :)

Willie- I miss you dearly, and don't get to see you enough. Hope your Trojans have a season full of victory!!

Shaley- My newest sister! I hope your day is stress free of wedding chaos, and can't wait to party with you in AZ!!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love all of you!

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Dream & Goal

For about a year and a half my dream has been to go to African to teach little kids English! I have heard of many people's experiences, all of whom, have had great things to say. I love love love children, and my favorite subject is English. So what better idea than to do two things I love in a beautiful country! It would be such an amazing experience, and eye opener. I watched 'Oprah Winfrey's Academy for African Girls' documentary and was in tears through the whole video! These poor kids are so sweet, bright and hopeful, but they have no opportunities. They need help over there! Yes I know parts of Africa are unsafe and filled with disease. But I assure all of you (mom) that the program I go through will keep me in good hands! Each pay check I get, I save it under all of my socks. I am a long way off, but I will not give up! The Program I am looking into is not cheap, but luckily I've heard of alternatives, like sponsors. If anyone out there has information for me, PLEASE let me know! I Would love any advice. I WILL MAKE IT TO AFRICA!! No matter what is takes :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Thanks to my new trainer Natalie!

So for the past week and a half I have been on a STRICT, and I mean STRICT diet. I have done really good, and I'm so proud of myself. I've got lots of motivation for the following up coming events: Romans wedding, Homecoming, and my big 18Th birthday! Natalie is my cheerleader, and pushes me beyond control! She doesn't even know it, but if she wasn't cheering me on I would've given up by now! Tonight I wanted to go running with her. Let me tell you a little something about me....I'm not one of those "let's just go on a nice long run!" every step is a struggle. I'm not equipped with good running shoes, and my body feels like an elephant running against wind! So you can imagine my horror when Natalie says "Lets just run really far!" Of course we ran walked ran (She's a trooper for walking with me!) But we went a total of about 6 miles and that is a lot for me! I've ran 7 before when I got a 'runners high' but that was a one time thing! So thank you Nanny Poo! With out you I would be chowing down on Ramen, Reeses Puffs, and any fast food! Ah yummy. Anybody out there trying to eat healthy....if I can do it, I SWEAR you can.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I hope you have a fabulous day. You are such a great example to me! You've showed me how to be confident, strong, and indepented! I love you more than anything :)