Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mrs.Kiley Brown Forrest

Well the big day finally arrived. After a fun dinner in Scottsdale at the Culinary Drop out, & A night at Gainey Ranch Hotel that I planned for her bachelorette party, she was ready to get hitched. Couldn't have been a more fabulous wedding. 'royal wedding of Gilbert.' GORGEOUS. Every dessert you could imagine, gelato, photo booth, dance floor. My favorite part was the dancing the last hour and a half. Everyone danced, including Kiley and Daniel. Such a fun and perfect wedding. So happy for them.

Of course we used our robes. had to enjoy the full experience.

Yummiest Cafe open 24 hours in the hotel lobby. Scrumptious fruit tarts.

The bench we sat on senior year talking about this very day.

Love these girls.

The bride room. The bride, and all of the bridesmaids got their own room to primp and touch up.
And of course Kiley's favorite....Whole grain sandwhiches to snack on. We were spoiled.

Finally reunited with Brekyn after 5 months!

1 down 3 to go! Love my best friends.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekend fun

Can't believe one of my best friend's, Kiley Brown, is getting married in 2 weeks!

Some of the bridesmaids at her wedding shower!

I got to see my favorite provo boys at a reception! Love them.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I wanna be a Toys R Us Kid....

Myles turned 4 and we ALL celebrated at Amazing Jakes. So much fun...I think a little more than we all expected.
Love you My My &
Thanks Rachel for a fabulous party!