Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Waites & Sweet Cakes

I have LOVED having the Waites stay with us for the summer. Rachel and I are having oodels of fun. Our days consist of movies, our favorite T.v shows, swimming with the kids, diet coke runs, and baking! It will be hard to leave them in september.

Today was my last day working at Sweet Cakes. I sure will miss that yummy place. I loved my scakes family, and we all had so much fun working together! I can't beleive I worked there for 3 years. Felt like a couple months. Now my lucky Cousin Christy gets to fill my spot, I know she will do an awesome job! Rachel, Natalie and the kids came for one last visit! Thanks to the Hunnington family for giving me such an awesome job.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dear Diet Coke....

You continue to quench my thirst every hot summer day. I know you are so very bad for me, but how do I let you go? I'm not ready. I cant!

Oxfords: Foot Candy

I Must Have a pair.